Well, this is rubbish. Orange and Vodafone have announced they're raising their call and text charges for pay as you go customers.

Orange are raising their charge per minute to 25p, effective immediately - that means you're already paying the extra. And Vodafone, too, are hiking their cost per minute from 21p to 25p. What's more, texts, too, are going up - from 10p to 12p.

Why? Well, Orange and Vodafone say it's all the government's fault. Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, recently made a ruling ordering mobile operators to cut the amount they charge each other for cross-network calls. The ruling means cheaper landline calls to mobiles and maybe more cross-network minutes in monthly deals. But the mobile companies say they have to increase charges to make up for the missing revenue.

Hmmm - if Orange needs the money so badly, it's weird its sister company T-Mobile doesn't need to put its prices up...

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