Spotify is amazing. Hours and hours of music, all for free, with just the occasional ad. How could they be making money? Were they making money? It all seemed too good to be true, and we feared it couldn't last.

Ah, darn it, we were right. Spotify needs more people to join its paid-for premium service, and it's getting a little aggressive in a bid to get them to do it.

Last year they cut their free accounts to only offer 20 hours of play a month. Users could join a new £5 'unlimited' plan to get rid of the limit - and the ads - but not get the mobile access the £10 premium plan provides.

Well, now that limit on the free account has been cut again - to just 10 hours a month. Worse, free users'll only be able to play a given track 5 times a month. That song you and your girlfriend play to get you in the mood? You might need to find another one.

Of course, you can just pay £5 to make all the limits go away. At £60 a year, that's the price of just 5 CD albums or maybe 8 albums on iTunes. But judging by the amount of squealing going on on the internet, nobody wants to...

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