Well, this is bad news. Partly because it means a hot new gadget will be less exciting, but mostly because we have to admit we were wrong about something.

A few weeks ago, we predicted - along with a few other blogs - that the iPad 2 would have double the resolution of the iPad 1, giving it its own 'retina display' to match that of the iPhone 5. Well, that'd be nice. But it's suddenly looking unlikely.

iFixYouri.com, an iPhone repair service, has leaked photos of what it claims to be the screen for the upcoming iPad 2. And, well, it looks an awful lot like the screen of the iPad 1. It's not exactly the same - the frame is smaller, so we know it's not just the same one. But it has the same underwhelming 1024x768 resolution as the original iPad, and the same 9.7in size.

The pictures could be fake of course. But while people sometimes release fake leaks of products - there were plenty of the new Sony NGP console - they usually aim to ramp up, rather than quiet down, speculation over specs. So we're forced to the reluctant conclusion that while the iPad 2 will no doubt be thinner and smarter, it's not ready yet for a serious screen bump. Boo!

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