Well, this was probably inevitable - and it sure as heck makes a lot of business sense - but we can't help but feel a bit annoyed about it. A couple of months ago, Skype released their latest version of their desktop software, it came with a fab new feature - group video calling. Nevermore did you need to choose between seeing your lovely friend's faces and gathering a bunch of them together on a conference call - you could do both.

Until now! Well, sort of. Skype isn't turning off group video calling or anything like that. In fact, they've just taken the 'beta' tag of the service.

No, they're just charging for it. From now on, group video calling will be a 'Skype Premium' service, costing £4.99 a month or £2.99 for a one-off 'day pass.'

Now, we can't blame them - the group video calling function will have big corporate appeal, and you can't really expect them to give away a service companies currently pay the likes of Cisco thousands of dollars for. But it still seems a heckuva shame. Do you think you might shell out? Do you love your foreign cousins that much?

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