Bonkers or brilliant?

We feel kinda sorry for mobile phone developers. It can't be easy coming up with new designs for phones, but the need to grab headlines and build a rep for innovation means they have to keep trying.

Which leads to some weird designs... like this one, from Japan's Kyocera. The Echo is, on first impressions, just another Android touch-screen phone. Then you open it up to reveal, not a keyboard, but a second touch screen!

Opinion is divided, based on first impressions, as to whether the unusual form factor is a work of madness or genius. Engadget call the Echo 'one of the most intriguing Android handsets we've ever seen,' while Gizmodo calls it 'freakishly bad.'

Our guess is that if you regularly find yourself just craving more space on your phone's screen, the Echo could be a good idea. But if you don't, you're unlikely to appreciate the extra space enough to make up for the lack of a keyboard - or simply the thinness of a slate.

Anyway, we may never get to decide - the Echo is coming out on US CDMA network Sprint, and may never get adapted for Europe's GSM network. Boo! We want all the battiest ideas to come here so we have something unusual to play with in Carphone Warehouse...

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