We have come great tips to let you safely use boat sat nav

Despite the fact that we all take satellite navigation for granted when it comes to our cars, the fact of the matter is that things are slightly different when we take to the open seas. Not only do we not have any roads to follow, but you need to take into consideration things like tides, wind and much, much more.

For this reason, operating boat sat navs can be much more difficult, and much more dangerous, than you could imagine. In order to keep you safe this summer, we have compiled this handy list of instructions to ensure that you can safely get the most out of your new boat sat nav.

Firstly, and we cannot stress just how important this one is, you need to read your manual from cover to cover. We don't mean have a quick flick through in order to get the basic idea of it, we mean really study this thing so that you know exactly what everything does, and are prepared for any problems that may arise during your use of the system. If you know any other sailors who have the same system, ask them for some advice or, better yet, ask if you can go out to sea with them for a few hours in order to get to grips with how it works in a real life situation.

Before you go anywhere, make sure that you know precisely how to navigate without your boat sat nav. This might sound like it completely defeats the point of having sat nav, but if you run into problems it's absolutely essential that you can determine where you are and how you can get home with more traditional methods.

By following these hints, you can be sure that you give yourself the best chance of being safe at sea, but if you do run into problems you can't handle, be sure to get in contact with the coast guard as soon as you possibly can. Never take risks in the open sea.

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