Blurring the lines of decency

The world of game advertising has come along somewhat over the last decade or so. The industry has gotten so big, and the games so reliant on the story (not to mention the massive budgets that often need recouping) that the marketing has become somewhat more sophisticated; especially when it comes to using the internet.

However, it’s nice to see that there are some companies stuck in the last century. Take Playscope for instance, who strategy for promoting their promising looking racer Blur in France appears to be: ‘stick some hot girls on the screen and make them pretend to play the game. That way the sad cases who will sit at home all summer will be convinced that they will be irresistible if they spend €50’.

The adverts are obviously all in French, but don’t let that bother you: the girls (who are hot, it has to be said) apparently represent the in-game power ups, and best of all, put in the least convincing gaming ever seen on camera. Check out the tilting of the joypad, as though it affects the movement on the screen. Bless.

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