Blu-ray trounces HD DVD in Japan

It’s the home of many of the format’s backers, so maybe it’s not a surprise that in Japan Blu-ray is giving HD DVD a bit of a pasting. Japanese electronics consumers, among the most educated in the world, seem to be sounding the death-knell for HD DVD. Latest figures show Blu-ray out in front by a country mile with 97 per cent market share.

Will this be the case in the UK? It’s difficult to say – Blu-ray is in its spiritual home in Japan and the market is only around 19 per cent of all DVD recorders at the moment. Yet it was only 5 per cent in October, so it’s growing and fast.

Anyway, we’re off to watch Porky’s on our Betamax video recorder (it’s the only movie we can still play on it) and then we’re planning on watching Jaws 3-D on laser disc, just for old time’s sake. Who says we can’t spot lasting technology trends? Of course, we’ll be going to the shops on our Segway to buy our Blu-ray real soon – just got to charge her up.

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