Which bluetooth kit should I buy?

The bluetooth kit has become the quintessential car accessory. Everyone has to have one not only because they are cool but with mobile phones being illegal to answer while driving, they are the best solution.

You are not allowed to answer a mobile phone physically while driving. Bluetooth kits have been given the o.k because both hands remain on the wheel. This is a good way to ensure that a high level of focus is applied while on a call.

While this is somewhat debatable, the focus levels are definitely better when on a speakerphone as opposed to fumbling around trying to get your mobile from your pocket.

For these reasons the bluetooth car kit has become a huge necessity. Thanks to their popularity they have started becoming pretty cool to look at and much more functionall. Here are some of the best on offer.

1. Jabra Cruiser 2: This is a great bluetooth kit. With it's large buttons it makes taking calls a lot easier. The speakerphone is also crystal clear so you should have no problems hearing everything perfectly. Downside? it's slightly bulky.

2. Plantronics K100 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone: This is a much neater bluetooth kit. It is smaller in size and has large and easy-to-find buttons. The volume wheel is a little finicky on this one though.

3. Ble Ant S3: This is the smallest and neatest of the bunch. If you pair up your contacts the Ble Ant autotransfers phone's contacts. Speaker quality is great on this machine. The only con is the attachment clip for the visor is a little awkward.


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