How to Pick the Right Bluetooth Helmet Headset:

Just because your chosen mode of transport happens to have two wheels rather than four doesn't mean that you should be relegated to a second class citizen when it comes to your communications needs. It's now easier than ever to find a solution to keep you in touch with the rest of the world while you're on the move thanks to the explosion in popularity of the Bluetooth helmet headset.

Much like the hands free kits found in most cars, these devices will let you safely answer important phone calls without needing to fiddle with buttons or putting yourself, and others, in danger by rooting around for your phone while driving.

There is a huge amount of variety available on the market depending on what exactly you're looking for but, unfortunately, like everything these days there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on how much you want to spend on your device, the difference in capabilities can be substantial, ranging from the most basic headsets that simply let you answer calls to high end, voice controlled headsets that offer some seriously impressive abilities, such as conference calling, GPS integration and direct chat with a passenger.

Deciding what the scope of your use is going to play a major factor in determining what you're looking for in your headset. If you're a casual rider who just wants to be reachable in case of emergency, then a basic headset will be more than sufficient. You're probably not going to need top quality call clarity or an abundance of features, so once it's compatible with your phone you're good to go. In the case of professional drivers, such as couriers, or those of you who need to be available at any time for important business calls, then it's probably worth forking out a little more for superior call quality,connectivity and additional features.

The most important factors when deciding what is right for you should always be comfort and safety. Make sure that your helmet offers enough room to adequately accommodate the headset, and that you are sure it's not going to impede your driving or reaction time in any way. Your local dealer will be able to help you figure out which is the best fit for you.

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