Learning About Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Bluetooth technology allows a wide variety of electronic gadgets to be connected and paired with each other to allow file sharing. Bluetooth was invented to replace the use of cables and wires for gadgets to be able to communicate with each other. Devices such as MP3 players, personal computers, headsets and mobile phones have Bluetooth technology to allow connection to other Bluetooth capable devices. Bluetooth uses a short-range radio technology to enable electronic devices to be connected to each other. Devices can be generally connected within a 30 foot range or greater, depending on the specifications.


Bluetooth was created and developed by a private group called Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group). This group was composed of the leaders in technological industries such as networks, computing, telecommunications and automotives. It was first developed and introduced in the year 1998 in Scandinavia. It aimed to unite the different industries by allowing file sharing between different kinds of technological devices through radio frequencies. The first version of Bluetooth was officially introduced in 1999, and the core specifications of the technology were revamped in 2003.

Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth headset is a type of Bluetooth accessory that enables people to connect their mobile phones to a headset without any wires. Wearing a Bluetooth headset allows you to make and receive phone calls while doing other tasks. You can also use it to listen to music on your phone without the use of cables. A Bluetooth headset can also be paired with a Bluetooth-capable personal computer to enable teleconferencing. Bluetooth headsets are designed to provide comfort and convenience. Their styles range from ear buds, shirt clips, over the head, or dual ear cups.

Core Specifications

Bluetooth SIG has developed the Bluetooth Core Specifications to give various industries link layers and application layer definitions to effectively support voice and data applications. These specifications are to be used for all Bluetooth-capable devices, including Bluetooth headsets.


Bluetooth headsets, like all the other Bluetooth-capable devices, operate in a common communication channel to share data. Each channel has a capacity of 1 megabit per second. Since Bluetooth devices use radio waves to connect with each other, the frequencies upon which the Bluetooth headsets operate differ with each region or country.


In order to achieve a very effective file sharing mechanism, Bluetooth technology has developed an adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) capability. This reduces any interference between other wireless devices that share a particular channel or spectrum. For example, if there area lot of Bluetooth headsets operating under a particular spectrum, the AFH capability allows a headset to take advantage of other available spectrums in order to avoid interference in gadget communication. This enables headsets to achieve maximum performance, even if there are other Bluetooth devices being used in a given time.







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