Top bluetooth headphones in the UK

Bluetooth headphones allow you to talk on your mobile phone hands free. The following are some of the top bluetooth headphones in the UK.

Plantronics M100

This headset has a lightweight and comfortable design. It comes with three different size ear gels and an over the ear loop. The headset also reports the estimated remaining battery life and it has up to 6 hours of talk time. It is also competitively priced at around £50.

Sony Wireless Infra Red Headphones

This is a lightweight headset with self adjusting headband. It has an infra red system with signal reception up to 7 metres. It also gives high quality sound and has a background noise eliminator. This headset has a recommended retail price of £35.99.

Motorola Finiti

This headset has an innovative design that is both practical and comfortable. Its unique earbud design provides a comfortable fit. It also had sophisticated background noise cancellation that makes incoming voices sound loud and clear. Prices start from around £40 for these bluetooth headphones.

Jawbone Era

This is an easy to use bluetooth headset with a feature that allows you to shake it twice to pick up a call. This function works well and it also has excellent background noise elimination. This headset offers great sound quality and prices start from around £90.

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

This headset integrates well with your PC and can also be used on Skype. There is excellent sound quality and incoming calls sound very good. This is a highly advanced headset and is price is relatively high at around £90 to £130.

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