Bluetooth Game Gripper is cool

Just as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play made its grand entrance a little gadget has come along that could render it redundant – before it’s even been released. Called the Game Gripper, it’s an incredibly natty and cheap looking control pad, that clips onto your smartphone and acts just like a normal control pad. It connects with the phone via Blutooth, which means that you can play games on your whizzy smartphone.

It’s not in production yet – the developer needs $30,000 by 2 March for you to see them being sold anywhere – but should you pledge $47 you’ll be the first in line to get one. Frankly we feel that such an ingenious device should be backed, and should it take off, we could see the sort of games that the Xperia Play is promising. That could mean that people go for the best handset rather than be enticed by the gaming properties of Sony’s new widget.

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