Stay safe with a bluetooth earpiece

If you're a busy exec who needs to be talk while you drive, or else a taxi man waiting for a call for your next fare, then you need to invest in a Bluetooth earpiece.

Since mobile phones first came onto the scene, using them in your car has been a contentious issue, with varying levels of proof being produced that they were a large cause of accidents, as they distract drivers.

Home Office figures for 2004 showed that 74,000 fixed penalty notices were issued in England and Wales over the use of mobile phones while driving. An extensive survey also found that 21% of drivers admit to breaking the law and using their phones while driving.

With this in mind, the UK Government enacted legislation in 2007 making it an offence to use a "hand held" mobile phone while driving. If you are caught by a police officer using your phone, you'll be liable to face three penalty points on your licence, and a fine of £60.

Now, the only way to legally use your phone while driving is by using a hands free kit, or else to invest in a Bluetooth Earpiece.

Both of these products allow you to converse on the phone while keeping both of your hands free, and your attention fixed firmly on the road ahead. With neither particularly costing a lot, it's a no-brainer!

Save yourself the points and the hassle by investing in a Bluetooth Earpiece on line as it is the easiest way to today!

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