The growth of the bluetooth car stereo

A Bluetooth car stereo is fast becoming an indispensable accessory for any car. Bluetooth car stereos connect to mobile phones and other devices supporting Bluetooth technology. If you receive a phone call while travelling, it is possible to press one button on your stereo system and have the call played through the car stereo. This is the ultimate hands free kit.

When an incoming call occurs, the stereo system mutes any song or video playback, so you can pick up the call in peace. Some models will display call information, like caller id, number and call status on the stereo screen.

A Bluetooth car stereo system greatly enhances the safety of the driver, as distracted drivers on phones are a major cause of accidents on the roads today. This system ensures that both your hands can remain on the steering wheel at all times.

Car stereo manufacturers are increasingly starting to integrate Bluetooth technology into their latest car stereo head units. This is the future of hands free technology.

If you are looking to upgrade your car stereo to Bluetooth technology, the best place to go to is Halfords. They put the car stereo in for you for £25. This is a good option as a lot of these units can be difficult to install in old cars. To find the Halfords store nearest to you visit halfords.com.

If you are not satisfied with Halfords selection, visit caraudiocentre.co.uk or bluetoothcarstereos.co.uk. These sites have a wide range of bluetooth car stereos available.

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