Blu Ray recorders have dropped way down in price!

Technology is progressing so fast that previously extremely expensive bits of kit like High definition TV's and Blu-Ray recorders have dropped way down in price.

You could pick up top of the range examples of both of these items, and still get change from £1,000. In this blog we'll be singing the praises of the current crop of Blu-Ray player/recorders on the market right now.

Blu-Ray has firmly established itself as the High Definition storage format of choice, seeing off the challenge of HD-DVD, and now that it's had a few years to bed in, prices have fallen way down. A standalone player will cost you around £100, with the average Blu-Ray recorder weighing in at slightly more.

There are a number of brilliant models on the market right now, and most include a massive hard drive that will allow you to store recorded High Definition content, before transferring it to a recordable Blu-Ray.

Our favourite model right now is the simply stunning Panasonic DMR-BS850. It ships with a whopping 500 GB hard drive built in, and online connectivity to allow you to remain up to date with firmware upgrades.

Best of all, it enjoys a plethora of connectivity options, with HDMI, component, S-video and composite all as standard on the rear of the device.

As you'd expect, the device will also write to standard DVDs, so non-HD content is catered for just as well by this brilliant device. We can't recommend it enough.

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