The Latest Blu Ray Players and Recorders from Onkyo

In the technology arena, the latest Blu-Ray players and recorders from Onkyo represent the cutting age in state-of-the-art consumer electronics. Onkyo is recognised for making high fidelity sound systems, such as stereos and amplifiers. Their strength relies in providing quality home theatre systems.

Onkyo has developed a new and interesting concept in the experience of home theatres. Their Blu-Ray player recorder series has reported major sales in various countries, and in this review you'll find out why by browsing through some of the most attractive models from this brand.

Onkyo BD-SP807 - Is one of the most modern models of Blu-Ray players and recorders. The audio and video quality for this model is far superior than regular models from other brands. Among its most attractive features are:

  • SD card slot so you can record any live show in Blu-Ray quality for external devices.
  • One billion color scale, so you get vivid real images every time.
  • Up to 1080p videos.
  • 7 different audio channels. This will also depend on the home theater audio system you have. In order to fully take advantage of this feature you should get a special set of hi-fi speakers.
  • Digital camera memory card slot for you to download and store video files from the web.

Onkyo BD-SP 308 - The Onkyo BD-SP308 belongs to the same series as the previous Onkyo player. This model has slight differences, though. It is designed especially for regular home theatre systems and it maximises the regular DVD video quality. Among its important features are:

  • Up scaling of DVD regular movies up to 1080p. This will make your DVD's look like Blu-Rays!
  • USB port for connecting flash memory device and any kind of downloaded content.
  • Dolby True HD and DTS-HD master audio codec (These are the best existing audio systems).
  • One billion color scale.
  • Compatible with AVCHD format which delivers the greatest image quality and definition.

Onkyo DV- BD507 - This model is described by Onkyo as "the interactive next-generation Blu-Ray disc player", and it certainly is since it allows direct Internet connection. It not only plays, but also records live broadcast content in Blu-Ray quality. Its best features are:

  • Up scaling sound and image quality. This means that if you have a regular DVD or music CD you can improve its quality to match your HD screen system.
  • Dolby True HD and DTS-HD master audio codec.
  • Direct connection to the internet so you can play web content.
  • Interactive Menu and Display.

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