Looking into Blu Ray players?

If Blu Ray players are your bag, then this is one article you need to read! We've scoured the market and found our favourite player, and it comes loaded with brilliant extras you wouldn't expect to find in a run of the mill Blu-Ray player.

While the market may be dominated by the Sony stable of machines, for us, it's all about the magnificent Oppo BDP-93. This stunning bit of machinery does it all, and here's some of the myriad features you can look forward to when you get it home.

As you'd expect, the Oppo BDP 93 will play 3D Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, SACD, DVD-Audio and a whole host of digital formats like FLAC, WAV and AVI. Unusually, you can also expect access to content streaming sites like Netflix, and any other sites as they are launched in the UK.

The Oppo will also bring you plenty of USB ports, so you can attach external drives to play your media from. An eSata port is also as standard, aswell as two seperate HDMI ports, allowing plenty of connection possibilities.

This fantastic machine will also upscale your existing non-HD DVD's into something approaching High Definition. The support for 3D-DVD's is stunning, and will bring any new release into glorious life. If coupled with the right 3D television of course!

The remote control is a joy to use, and we can't recommend it enough. This lovely piece of kit will set you back around 400 pounds. Worth every penny in our humble opinion!

 (photo © Flickr)

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