Using your new Blu-Ray player to the maximum

If you've just plumped for a brand new Blu-Ray player then you're probably wondering what happens to your existing pile of DVDs? The good news is, there's absolutely nothing to worry about, if anything, your DVDs will now look better than ever.

One of the major plus points of Blu-Ray technology is the fact that it is backwards compatible with existing DVDs. This is a massive boost for collectors, as it means they won't have a vast collection of technologically obsolete films! The idea is that Blu-Ray will eventually render DVDs obsolete, but a lot of Blu-Ray players on the market can improve your DVD viewing pleasure.

Any Blu-Ray player you buy nowadays will be fully backwards compatible, and will even upscale your existing DVDs to 1080p/1080i, meaning the picture will look clearer and sharper.

Blu-Ray discs can hold six times the capacity of a standard DVD in their single layer format, and 13 times the capacity in their dual layer models. They are almost impossible to scratch, rendering one of the biggest gripes concerning DVDs as obsolete.

If you've got a massive collection of DVDs, then there's no reason not to upgrade, you can pick up a standard Blu-Ray player for around £100, so it won't cost you a fortune either! Blu-Ray movies have even started to come down in price too, with the Blu-Ray version of a movie often costing exactly the same price as the DVD (sometimes it can be even cheaper).

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