Blu ray players and recorders with one enabled region and multiple regions

Blu ray players recorders have enabled one region. Other regions may not be available in some models. Because of this, these can't play certain Blu ray discs, since these discs are blocked for a determined region. Blu ray players and recorders enabled for one region or regions cover these three basic ones: the A region includes south, central and north America; the B region includes Europe and Africa, and the C region includes Australia and Asia. Nowadays, there are various Blu Ray player recorders that have solved this problem and are capable of playing any disc from any region code.

Multi-Region Toshiba BDX-1100

The Toshiba BDX-1100 Blu Ray players and recorders have enabled a region or regions: A and B. Toshiba is well known for its manufacturing of reliable tech supplies. This model has been especially modified to unblock the regions filter. Among its most important features are the HD audio bit-stream output and the build in digital signal converter


You can find the LG BDD570 Blu ray player recorder specially modified to play Blu Ray and DVD discs from any region in regionfreedvd.com. This store has unblocked region restrictions of this model making it one of the most attractive multi-zone Blu ray player recorders. Among its most important features are wi-fi connectivity and full HD features.

Sharp BD-HP70

The Sharp BD-HP70 Blu-Ray player recorder offers the option of playing Blu ray discs of any region as well as DVD discs from 0-8 regions. Regionsfreedvd.com offers full refunds if the Sharp BD-HP70 doesn’t work with all regions. Among its most interesting features are video conversion to DVD, digital plus and BD-Java interactive capability

Sony BDP-S470

Sony is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to Blu ray player recorders. This model is not the exception. The Sony BDp-S470 has specially been modified in order to play Blu ray discs from regions A, B and C. It features 3D blue ray player, has wi-fi capability and streams photos music and music.

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