Blu ray players and home cinema - create the ultimate entertainment system

In these recessionary times people are staying in more and more, so if you're thinking of making the experience a little easier for yourself by building a brilliant blu ray player and home cinema system, then we have some good news, you can do it on a budget!

Previously if you wanted to build a quality home cinema system you needed an unbelievable amount of bells and whistles. A TV, DVD player, Blu Ray, Games Console, Amplifier - It all adds up! If you follow our advice though, you'll slash the cost. All we recommend buying are three things.

Instead of splashing out on a Blu-Ray player, DVD player and a games console, all you need to do is to buy a Sony Playstation 3, and combine the three things into one. The PS3's media playback is a joy to behold, and thanks to regular firmware upgrades, you'll never be left wanting for new features. The PS3 is also compatible with 3D Blu-Ray discs.

When it comes to an amplifier, there is a world of choice below the £400 mark. Don't go spending any more than this, as you are risking buying a model that won't give you the required sound output that you're looking for. We recommend the Sony STR-DG820.

When it comes to a Television, you'll obviously want a huge flat screen model, and this is where we suggest spending the vast majority of your money. Sony's Bravia collection are brilliant for hooking up with both the amplifier and the Playstation 3, as they were all made to work together.

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