Our favourite blu ray dvd players

The first Blu Ray DVD players was launched to market in 2006, and since then it has been off competition from the HD DVD format to become the main "next generation" viewing format.

Blu-Ray DVD's hold roughly eight times more than DVD discs, allowing enough storage for stunning high definition picture and sound, as well as ever-increasing amounts of extras.

Shopping for a Blu Ray player presents a whole host of choice, but there's one that stands head and shoulders above the rest for one simple reason - It does just about everything!

Sony's Playstation 3 isn't just a fully functional Blu Ray player, it's also the most powerful games console and all round media behemoth on the market. Compared to other players on the market, the Playstation 3 stacks up extremely favourably. It's every bit as good as the highest quality players on the market, with internet connectivity allowing easy access to firmware updates.

Thanks to the PS3's other media capabilities you'll also be able to listen to all your MP3 music through the console and also watch movies in both .Avi and MPEG4 formats.

Obviously you'll be able to watch your humble DVD's on the console, and delightfully it upscales them slightly if you have a high definition television.

The console is available for around £240/50, and is slightly more expensive than basic Blu-Ray players. However, the extras you get makes it the best available package on the market.

For pure "bang for your buck" there's no better package available on the market!

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