Blogging from FemCamp in Bologna

Arriving safe and sound in Bologna with PassPack co-founder Tara Kelly, we touch down at FemCamp, the BarCamp for women which has been expertly organised by Technedonne. The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and different from the usual BarCamp ambient. The first thing that hits when entering the building is that the participants are an amazing mix of ages and nationalities.

It's great to see such a selection of women - those who've lived through the first dot com boom and bust adding weight and experience to the corridor discussions with those in the web 2.0 world.

There's interesting discussion surrounding the creation of female communities - one example is the development of Style.it (an amalgamation of content and users from Glamour, Vogue and Vanity Fair). I caught with up with one of the Style.it team, Mafe de Baggis, afterwards and quizzed her about the three things she thinks have made Style.it a success in Italy:

1) The freedom of voice it gives women to express themselves in a community they feel safe in.

2) The natural extension of a magazine community into an online environment.

3) Technology choices: using the right blog platform, usability and design.

Good luck to the team for all the developments they have planned!

Other topics on the unconference agenda include "Experiences and conceptions of e-democracy", "Career planning for the digital world" and one that seems to be generating a lot of interest, "seducing on the internet".


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