Bloggers celebrate the 3rd international Blog Day

A very fitting Friday celebration today. This month Technorati (the blog tracking / ranking service) announced that it's now got over 100 million blogs on its radar. Not bad going.

Today is also the third annual international Blog Day. What, I hear you cry, happens on Blog Day? Well, to celebrate the phenomenon that is the blog, Blog Day was created so that bloggers could have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest.

How do we do that? By recommending five new blogs that they've discovered and like.

I thought I'd take a totally random look at the five people who'd been on to the Blog Day site before me (you can find out by looking at MyBlogLog which many bloggers include on their site to see who's nosing around). So, without further ado, I would like to highlight the following blogs:

Laurie Pooh's blog - La Vie di Laurie. This is a blog all about Lauries life in Texas "daily musings about my life, family, dogs, entertainment, and whatever else strikes my fancy".

Then there was Kat-Bmykey, a French blogger writing on the property market and helping out readers to choose a nice house in France.

Third, Gipuntoe from Italy, writing SevenHeaven which comments on a host of subjects from technology to sport to Harry Potter.

One that WebTwitcher was particularly attracted to was MorningCaffeine "Ramblings after morning dose of caffeine..". A nice blog!

Last and not least to complete my five random blog recommendations I noted Felixx, who writes Mind The Gap, a blog about indie music in French.

Blog on.

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