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We're barely into 2007 and already the online sexpose's are tumbling in. Most talked about on the blogsphere at the moment, and highlighted in this week's Guardian is the resurgence of Girl With A One-Track Mind, the immensely popular blog tracking the sexploits of 'Abby Lee' a thirty something sex fiend based in London.

Since getting a book deal, Abby Lee (WebTwitcher will use her psydenom throughout...there's a bloggers code of honour don't you know...) was exposed by the Sunday Times back in August last year. However the blog is again being gossiped about thanks to an email that was sent to the blog author by the paper, and my oh my does the blogging world appear to be unhappy.

After the email's publication on her blog at the start of 2007, it seems Abby's loyal readers are outraged by the way the paper tried to coerce her into a photoshoot, including releasing details of her family's private life.

WebTwitcher is sure the resurgence of the story's not going to do any harm to her book sales...nor to the fact the 2007 Bloggies (The 7th Annual Weblog Awards - ahem, don't forget to vote for WebTwitcher) are coming around again. If you've not paid a visit to the blog, take a look or put the RSS feed on your Excite MIX page if you become an addict.


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