BlogFire launches on sparkling new Excite UK

BlogFire is now live on Excite UK! Our brand new pick of some of the top UK entertainment blogs brings together a snapshot of the latest from our fast growing British blogosphere. And, in case it's slipped your notice, Excite's got a sparkling new homepage to boot.

An instant hit of reality TV gossip, inspired film news, football reports, reviews for the web and gadget fanatic and the lowdown from the music world can all be found on BlogFire, headed up by some of the UK’s best loved bloggers.

Who's on BlogFire? It's a glittering line up to be sure. Coolest Gadgets covers exactly what it promises. With the slogan the "Ongoing search for the coolest gadget" they've certainly found plenty of cool gadgets on the journey, though deciding which is the coolest is another matter.

Unreality TV is the biggest reality TV blog in the UK and Ireland with news and discussion for fans of shows like Big Brother, X Factor and I'm a Celebrity. They have their fingers on the pulse of the latest reality TV news and gossip and close relationships with the production teams means insider information and interviews. A must if you're a reality TV addict.

Talent in a Previous Life is either a hilarious look at the goings on the world of pop music or the jealous ramblings of someone bitterly lashing at those more successful and popular than the blogger. It's a point of view thing, really. Either way it's a unique hotchpotch of music criticism, opinion, satire and some really bad puns. Mainly the latter, really, if we're honest.

Filmstalker is packed with film news, feature articles and reviews. With a community of avid film fans the blog encourages users to engage in discussion around hot topics. Reviews are informative and in-depth, and never knowingly contain spoilers or plot revelations unless clearly marked with warnings! Filmstalker has been shortlisted for a Brit Blog Award 2007.

The Football Blog brings you the latest in international football news, reporting on as much football action as physically possible! For our friends in other parts of the world this is a soccer blog rather than an American Football blog. Featuring round balls only.

...and of course WebTwitcher, which regular readers will know contains a lighthearted look at what's happening on the interweb.

You can also put all the BlogFire blogs on your Excite MIX as a new page with just one click. Let us know what you think!


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