Blog tributes for Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

From the obvious server crashes over at Australia Zoo, caused by thousands of shocked Steve Irwin fans logging on to their hero's website, to tributes, obituaries, a Wikipedia entry and jokes, the web world has been groaning under the weight of Irwin's untimely death.

Following this weekend's low key funeral, a public tribute is now being planned in the form of a campfire memorial. A very fitting way to remember the conservation icon. If you want to follow the latest on the blogsphere, check out Technorati for up to the minute comment. For an excellent overview of what happened online directly after Steve's death, Bloggers Blog has a summary of blog tributes, statistics and comments.

Currently doing the email rounds is a recently botched together Steve Irwin stingray game. WebTwitcher is sure that the web world can come up with a better tribute than the bog standard, poor quality game that capitalises on someone's misfortune.


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