Check out these cheap Blockbuster Blu-Ray player offers

If you've put off joining the Blu-Ray revolution because of the off putting cost associated with the medium in recent years, then we've got some great news for you! Blu-Ray player offers are the best they've ever been, and at these prices you've got absolutely no excuse for transforming your home entertainment system into a high definition extravaganza!

There are a number of players offered by Blockbuster right now, which you can buy in your local store or from their website at www.blockbuster.co.uk, and we're going to take a look at each of them in detail for you.

First up is the LG BD550 Blu-Ray player. This slick device can be yours for just £89.99 with Toy Story 3, Robin Hood and 10 half price Blu Ray rentals from Blockbuster, or £99.99 with Toy Story 3, Robin Hood and Kick Ass (If you can afford the extra tenner, we'd recommend the latter purely for the fantastic Kick Ass!).

Next is the Sony BDPS360 Bly Ray player, which is currently on offer for a price of £129.99 with 2012, District 9 and This Is It included. That represents a fantastic £120 saving over the individual recommended retail prices of all the components, making it a real bargain.

The final player available on the site is currently out of stock, but it's a really great Blu-Ray device, so we've included it here. It's the Samsung BD-P1590 Blu-Ray player, and it comes with three Blu-Rays for just £114.99!

There is one final option, should anyone in your home be a video game lover. You can pick up the Sony PlayStation 3 console, which is still one of the best Blu-Ray players and DVD upscalers on the market, for £234.99 for the 160GB Slim model.

With so much choice at such great prices, you'd be mad to miss out!

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