What's the best-selling phone of 2011? If you answered 'the iPhone 4,' you'd be right. But! What's second? Why, it's the Galaxy S II.

The sequel to Samsung's mega-selling Galaxy S, the II was only released in May. But according to the latest reports, it's shipped a whopping-tastic 10 million units.

Note that that's shipped, not sold, so it's possible a chunk of those are sitting in warehouses waiting to hit the shops. But it's likely they'll all be shifted by the end of the year, when the Galaxy S 3 - likely to boast a 1280x720 high-resolution screen - will probably be ready for primetime.

How does this compare with the all-conquering iPhone? Well, nowhere near, frankly: Apple sold a ridiculous 20 million iPhones just between June and August. But don't forget that the SII is one of tens of models Samsung have on sale, while Apple have just two: the iPhone 4 and 3GS.

Of course, the launch of the iPhone 5 is around the corner, which will shake everything up again. But for now, Samsung is looking like a worthy rival to Apple, and the Galaxy S II is leading its charge.

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