Block party

Ruh-roh. This doesn't look good. Last year, we told you the Government was hatching a dastardly plan to pass a law that would require internet service providers to block access to websites that 'helped users infringe copyright'. That would mean no PirateBay and, theoretically, no YouTube (though realistically that is unlikely).

Passage of that law has been held up after a legal challenge from some ISPs. But now it seems the government is trying to bring the blocks around by the back door - by getting ISPs to agree to them in private discussions. It's formed a 'working party' to investigate site-blocking systems. ISPs, copyright holders such as record companies, and big web players like Google are involved - but no representatives of customers.

It looks an awful lot like a stitch-up. The Open Rights Group have complained, saying the government is trying to set up its blocking scheme through 'a private arrangement.'

So we suggest you download all the films you can before it all gets switched off. Only those you already own on DVD, of course. We'd never want to encourage infringement of copyright.

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