We check out what's on offer from Shining Blick Bulbs

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, Shining Blick Bulbs are a manufacturer of a wide range of halogen bulks, household lamps, Christmas lights, decorative lights and much more. Their parent company, simply known as Shining Blicks, also excel in making a number of highly regarded car parts. Despite the fact that you probably haven't heard of them before, they are a particularly highly rated company among those in the know around Europe.

Thanks to their compliance with the very latest ISO standards, their produce is consistently of the highest imaginable standard, and the company is becoming much more adept at patenting their own developments, technologies and procedures with each passing year.

With a motto of "Always strive to best achieve the customer's goal", it's perhaps unsurprising that Shining Blick are always willing to go out of their way in order to ensure that the customer gets exactly what they are looking for, as well as to exceed all expectations in terms of quality and time taken to fulfil orders.

When it comes to bulbs, Shining Blick manufacture a wide range of auto bulks, LED auto bulbs, halogen bulks, LED bulbs, LED lamps, spot lamps, LED tube lights, HID torch lights, HID spot lights, energy saving lamps and commercial LED lighting from their Taipei based manufacturing plant.

With such a huge range of bulbs available, as well as some of the highest manufacturing standards to be found anywhere in the world it is unsurprising that Shining Blicks are fast becoming the go to producer of bulbs for a number of companies searching for the best possible value.

For more information about the company, you can check out their website at blick.com.tw.

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