Bless me! TomTom's got a deep voice

Well known for his Shakespearian turns as rotund monarchs or jolly drinking giants, Brian Blessed's booming voice has been resounding around the Globe and London theatres alike for many years. Now, Blessed's voice will be a new sound option available to TomTom users, thanks to thousands of Facebook users asking the sat nav manufacturers to include his voice on the system alongside Homer Simpson and Darth Vader, T3 reveals.

After the online campaign was started on one of the world's most popular social network sites, some 25,000 people supported one man's bid to see Brian Blessed used as a navigation feature. The popularity of their petition eventually caught the eye of the company that produces the anti map-reading instrument.

Richard Gardner, a motorist from Manchester, who created the Facebook campaign approached the hearty actor himself and Blessed agreed to feature on the system, even producing an online video to announce the decision.

A spokesman for TomTom revealed that 'voices are becoming an ever more popular personalisation tool for our sat navs and it's been an interesting journey watching this particular campaign take shape. It shows the power of social media, and if we can bring shouty happiness to over 25,000 people who are we to deny it?'

Just be sure to turn left when Brian tells you too, or you could be faced with a soliloquy from Macbeth.

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