Bleary eyes

What did you do when you got up this morning? Grabbed your phone and checked Facebook? And at work, where were you all day? In front of a screen? What about when you got home - TV, with a laptop perched on your lap? And now, look at the time, you're in bed ready for sleep. And you're reading this on the internet.

Going to sleep well tonight?

Lots of us don't, and it seems technology might be the problem. The National Sleep Foundation (the nation being America) doesn't have a problem with us staring at screens all day and much of the evening - but it does want us to stop an hour before we go to bed. If we don't, they're warning, we risk interrupted sleep. You see, exposure to the artificial light provided by screens suppresses the release of hormones that prepare us for sleep (your body thinks it's still daylight, we guess).

Now, we know what you're thinking: 'what the hell am I going to do for an hour before bed without the TV or my computer?' Well, if we were your mum, we'd say 'read a book'. But come on, that would be ridiculous. So our suggestion? Buy an e-reader. Electronic entertainment for sure, but the non-glowing e-ink screen should pay altogether less havoc with your hormones. Of course, if you've got a special something to snuggle up in bed with, there are other ways to pass the time...

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