BlackBerry's new direction

BlackBerry, BlackBerry, BlackBerry. Once upon a time, you were the darling of the tech world. You came out of nowhere to dominate the smartphone market by realising that one thing - email - was the most important thing to get right. And get it right you did, with fantastic, simple devices with wonderful keyboards.

But as time went by, smartphone tech got advanced enough that people wanted more than just email. And a little phone called the iPhone shook everything up. And since then, well, you haven't really known what to do with yourself, have you?

So the question is: should you stick to your guns? Be your email-focused, QWERTY-keyboarded self and hope email addicts stick with you? Or should you take the iPhone on on its own terms?

With your new version, the BlackBerry Touch, it looks like you've chosen the latter. With its big glass touchscreen, it could easily be mistaken for an Android phone. Just one without access to all Android's apps, though you do have BlackBerry Messenger, which we're told is super-addictive.

Is this the right thing to do, to try to fit in? I don't know. You can't win, can you? Lots of people complain that you don't have as big a screen as the iPhone, but when you ditch the keyboard idiots like us start complaining you've lost what makes you unique. We'll have to see what the public thinks when the Touch is released in a few weeks' time.

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