BlackBerry Q10 Review

If you are a die hard BlackBerry fan then the all new BlackBerry Q10 will please you no end. The company, famous for its QWERTY keyboard devices, has gone back to basics on the Q10 and the result is a traditional BlackBerry with a powerful operating system to drive it.

Out with the Old and Sync with the New

The BlackBerry Q10 was launched in a much more discreet fashion than the flagship Z10 which accounted for most of BlackBerry's marketing budget in 2013. This should not fool you though as the Q10 is an absolute beast in terms of performance. You will be able to carry out all of your work related and social media tasks in comfort on this retro offering from the keypad phone specialists.

The hardware on offer in the Q10 is of an extremely high spec. Powered by a 1,800mAh battery, the BlackBerry Q10 comes with 2GB of RAM, a 16GB hard drive and an impressively speedy 1.5GHz dual core processor. There is also a decent 8 megapixel camera with 720p HD recording, autofocus and an LED flash. The Q10 has a responsive 3.1 inch super AMOLED screen and the contrast between the smartphone-like screen and the QWERTY keyboard works quite nicely.

On the software end, the Q10 runs on the all newBlackBerry 10 Operating System. There is an ever increasing amount of apps available in BlackBerry's Appworld for you to soup up your Q10. Appworld is slowly but surely catching up with Google Play and Apple's App Store in terms of the availability of quality apps to download.

A Quality Handset

All in all, the BlackBerry Q10 is a quality phone that strikes a healthy balance between functionality with practicality. The QWERTY keyboard feels comfortable in your hand and the 3.1 AMOLED screen offers vibrant colours and responds well to a number of swipes and pinches. The Q10 currently costs in the region of £400 - £450 sim free but can be secured for much better value on a pay monthly contract.

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