BlackBerry OS 6.0

IPhone, iPhone! If you you’re one of the millions who has opted for the Blackberry smartphone instead of the iPhone then you’ll know exactly why it has affectionately been named the CrackBerry. Often credited as the business professional’s office phone, the addictive little gizmo is due to get a firmware overhaul soon and the first leaked details have hit the interweb.

The BlackBerry OS 6.0 looks to have swapped its static and almost 1980s no nonsense homescreen and followed the lead of the iPhone, with an attractive colourful array of widgets (aka apps) that include newsfeeds, weather, Twitter and Facebook.

Other details of the new OS 6.0 are vague at best, but it’s also rumoured to integrate a touch screen query keyboard for certain apps, again, just like the iPhone. We’ll have to wait till later in the year to take a look, if and when it’s released.

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