BlackBerry gets touchy

Ah, BlackBerry. The precursor of the modern smartphone has become everyone's favourite topic of discussion following a flurry of reports suggesting internal crisis at the Canada-based maker Research in Motion. So the news that the company was to release seven new phones this year, each packing a new updated version of the BlackBerry software, was met with cautious relief.

And now we get a look at the software, and it looks - kinda good. Not amazing, but kinda good. Most crucially, it looks like all BlackBerries are going to be packing touchscreens from now on, and the new software - BlackBerry OS 7 - has been put together with touch in mind. In the video below, there's touchscreen manu navigation, photo pinching, and all that good stuff.

Of course, this isn't just about software. The video also shows you what's believed to be the out-this-summer BlackBerry Bold 9790, continuing the RIM tradition of burying good phones under clunky names. Sigh.

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