BlackBerry gets its groove on

Spotify may be going great guns, but perhaps the competition isn't over in the mobile music space. The latest player to have a go isn't Google, or Apple, but Research in Motion - the Canadian company behind BlackBerry.

RIM have been looking a little lost of late, with their PlayBook tablet meeting mixed reviews and progress at launching their new 'QNX' operating system on phones proceeding agonisingly slowly. A really good music offering could be just the thing to draw consumers back to the BlackBerry system.

Regrettably, what RIM are reported to be preparing doesn't look like a really good music offering.

Dubbed BlackBerry Music, the service will let users listen to a certain number of songs every month for $5. How many songs? 1000? 500?

No. Fifty.

Yes, you heard us right. That's fifty tracks per month. As near as we can tell, you can listen to each track as many times as you want, but still, we get bored easily, and we think we'd rip through fifty tracks in a matter of hours.

If you want to listen to more, you can swap songs with your friends who also use the service. Somehow.

Sigh. We don't want to pile on RIM, a company full of talented people, but this just seems a bit five years ago, y'know? Especially when Spotify offers unlimited play of millions of tracks for $10/month.

But maybe we're being harsh? Tell us, BlackBerry users, can you see yourself signing up for this when it's released later in the year?

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