BlackBerry fights back

Hey, remember BlackBerry? Before everyone wanted an iPhone, quite a lot of people wanted a BlackBerry. But as its killer function, push email, has become standard on smartphones, the great smartphone success story of the last decade has been overshadowed.

Now though, the fightback begins. BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion has shown off its new device, the Torch. It's the first Blackberry with a slide-out keyboard, so you get the benefits of a full-size touch screen but you also get real, actual buttons to type on.

That's not all - with a new model comes a new operating system, BlackBerry 6. It features social feeds to pull in all your Twitter and Facebook updates, and a browser that's beaten the pants off all rivals in speed tests. Still, the reception has been mixed, with Gizmodo saying: 'If you don't already own a BlackBerry, you will not want this phone. And if you do, you still might not want it.'

Strong words, but given that the Torch has a pretty low-rent spec - a 624MHz processor, for example, when 1GHz is now the smartphone standard - we reckon they might have a point.

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