The new BlackBerry BB10 Z10 review

Analysts have felt that the BlackBerry brand has been on the back seat in the smartphone market for a while now and living on borrowed time. This was because its innovations were overtaken by more powerful innovations by brands like Apple, Microsoft and Google. This was until BlackBerry chief Thorsten Heins launched the BlackBerry BB10 Z10 to the world in a move that many see as BlackBerry's last roll of the dice.

BlackBerry reinvention

Packing a powerful BB10 software and Z10 touchscreen in to a sleek 130 x 66 x 9mm frame, the BlackBerry BB10 Z10 represents the new look BlackBerry that has undergone a complete makeover. The new look design is intended to compete with the leading all-touch smatphones in the market.

According to Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal:

“Its user interface is so different that it will seem foreign to longtime BlackBerry users. And the first phone to use it, the Z10 looks much more like its rivals than like traditional BlackBerrys.”

BlackBerry Z10 virtual keyboard

The Z10 moves away from BlackBerry’s traditional features with a full virtual keyboard instead of a physical keyboard that has appeared in every BlackBerry before it. The touchscreen-only keyboard gives the BlackBerry a similar look and feel as top range iOS and android smartphones that are widely popular in the market. This move away from the physical keyboard is intended to keep tabs with the runaway trend where more and more people are choosing touchscreen smartphones over smartphones with physical keyboards.

The new Z10 touchscreen keyboard features an inpressive text prediction feature that throws up intelligent word suggestions when keying in letters based on the position of the letter next to the one keyed in. The only clear drawback to the Z10 touchscreen keyboard is that the onscreen keyboard only shows capital letters that appear as lower case unless you use a built-in option to give a different text view command. This is unlike the options built-in Android and iOS smartphones.

Other headline features

Other headline features of the BlackBerry BB10 Z10 include a brilliant display, fast processor, new operating system, Link syncing software for syncing pictures, music and videos on your computer and a number of handy business security features.

Going by what we have seen so far, it appears the feature-packed Z10 handset has done a good job of correcting BlackBerry’s earlier incompetences. BlackBerry’s doom is now no longer assured.

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