Black out

Ok, so Modern Warfare 2 didn’t turn out to be the game we hoped it would be, instead being full of heavily scripted shootouts and a plot so ridiculously bombastic that it would have made Jerry Bruckheimer blush. However, that was made by Infinity Ward, and the latest Call of Duty - Call of Duty: Black Ops - is being made by Treyarch, those bods who made the extremely fun World at War.

Even better, Activision have released a badass opening trailer, which despite containing all the usual COD characteristics – cheesy plot, scripted scenes in the middle of a level, massive amounts of self-importance – is still making us feel really rather excited. Now, given that it’s set in the Cold War and you will get to fight in Vietnam, it’s guaranteed to be at least a little bit fun, so fingers crossed they don’t mess it up like they did with Modern Warfare 2. We'll find out come 9 November, when the game comes out.

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