Black Monday for O2 users

If you're on O2, and you live in London or Kent, yesterday was probably very frustrating. The mobile network was essentially non-functional in these parts for most of yesterday following a break-in at an O2 technical site.

Thiefy vandal types apparently broke in to the East London site on Sunday night and smashed and stole computers. It sounds like kids causing trouble in what they took to be an unoccupied building - but they didn't realise just how much trouble they were going to cause.

In fairness to O2, they swung into action on Monday morning to fix the problems - just what you want to have to deal with after a long weekend, right? - and had everything up and running again by 5.30, just as all the people who need their mobiles to do their jobs were heading home. Ho hum.

On the downside, O2 say they don't offer compensation for this sort of rare one-off outage. The fact that it's rare and one-off would seem, to us, to be a stronger case for them offering compensation, but what do we know?

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