Black Friday bargains

The festive season is about to rear it’s booze-fuelled head once again, and you lot no doubt will be looking for bargains to make sure that the various little brats in your family aren’t screaming their heads off about how their presents are rubbish mummy and why does little Johnny always get better presents from his mummy and daddy?

Well, hopefully you’ve been keeping track of Black Friday, in which various shops flog their good at greatly reduced prices, hoping to snare shoppers into getting Christmas goods from them. Today even Apple are getting in on the act, offering £35 off all iPad models, slashing £81 off the Apple iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air range and even knocking £15 off their iPod Touches. Get over there today, people.

Also, keep your eye on Amazon today, as they have announced that they will be showing off a cut-priced Xbox 360. Both the US and UK versions of the site are offering loads of discounts for video games as well, so check them out.

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