We review Bioshock xbox 360

In a gaming world dominated by jaded sequels and rehashed franchises, an original title like Bioshock on xbox 360 stands out like a wonderful and rare treat.

This game caught everyone unaware upon its release in 2007. Here was a first person shooter that did things differently. Gone were the hackneyed military or futuristic settings, replaced with possibly the most atmospheric setting ever envisaged for a video game.

Bioshock places you inside a world beneath the sea. A crumbling Gothic city with echoes of the wholesome 1950's at every turn. It's an atmosphere that doesn't let up from start to finish, keeping you in it's thrall from the moment you start the game.

Strangely, for a modern game, the player isn't treated as a dullard. For roughly three quarters of the game, you'll have no idea who your character is, or what they are doing in the undersea world of Rapture. You'll only know you were in a plane crash, and you happened upon a strange structure jutting out of the sea.

Combat in the game is often tense and at close quarters. Surprisingly, no multi-player element is included in the game, but this isn't a problem considering the high quality and length of the single player campaign.

Wonderfully, it's possible to pick this game up for a bargain price nowadays as it's been on the market for quite some time. It also comes packaged in a double pack with Oblivion, another excellent game that's well worth checking out.

Bioshock is a masterpiece, pick it up today if you spot it!

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