Biochemist calls for law against interbreeding of men and chimpanzees

A leading Scottish churchman and biochemist, Calum Mc Kellar, has called for government action to prohibit the possible interbreeding of men and female chimpanzees to create "humanzees".

But Dr Mc Kellar isn't worried about hordes of men in heat heading for the local Zoo after a flagon of Linden Village too many on a Saturday night. Instead his fear is that scientists will start creating humanzees to produce badly needed transplant organs.

"The Human Fertilisation and Embryo Bill prohibits the placement of animal sperm into a woman," the Dr told the Scotsman. "The reverse is not prohibited. It's not even mentioned. This should not be the case."

Just to put things in perspective, this is the same Dr MacKellar who a couple of years back argued in an academic publication that homosexuality was an illness that a good Christian shouldn't yield too.

So to say that Dr MacKellar's views on biochemistry aren't objective would be up there with 'computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tonnes.' in the understatement of the century stakes.

We've conducted our own research on humanzees by watching Channel 5's pseudoscientific documentary 'Oliver: The Human Chimp' on YouTube, and we can safely say that we wasted nearly an hour of our life.

Oliver: The Human Chimp

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