Introduce your kids to the world of online gaming with Binweevils

Due to the fact that the majority of online game are created for teenagers and adults, there has long been something of a gap in the market when it comes to safe, educational titles for younger kids which introduce them to the world of the web, as well as online gaming. This is a gap that the excellent Binweevils is trying to close.

If you're any older than about 8 years of age, the chances are that you won't be all that familiar with the world of the Binweevils. Don't feel bad, you can't help it that you're old, but if you've got young children we thoroughly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the characters and the universe, because it's a great way for kids to learn how to use the net, play online and pick up some educational bits and bobs along the way.

Located at binweevils.com, Binweevils is a huge 3D world filled with fun characters and loads of multimedia functionality that really shows off the imagination of the site's creators.

With its bright, vivid visuals it'll certainly hold the attention of inquisitive youngsters, while you can be safe in the knowledge that they're picking up some really great hints and tips on technology, while safe inside the site's virtual world.

Along the way there are plenty of positive and educational messages designed to help improve the quality of your child's life. These include, but aren't limited to, lessons on road safety, cleanliness, responsibility, playing with others, interacting safely on the net and much more. And if you're concerned about the potential risks of having your children interacting with others online, you'll be pleased to know that the site employs top of class moderation and monitoring functionality.

With so many companies out there deciding not to bother with the younger audience, it's great to see that there are some who haven't forgotten that there are literally millions of young minds out there waiting to absorb information. Binweevils is the ideal place for your child to grow into using the internet, and it's a site we recommend to all parents everywhere.

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