Bingo is back and Prince William proves it

An exclusive in today's Sun newspaper reveals that the delectable (...blush...) Prince William was spotted on a Bingo night out with pals in Reading (serious contender for the UK's Chav Capital, but WebTwitcher thinks The Sun may have forgotten Croydon...). The alluring picture that is conjured of the Mecca Bingo hall just goes to prove that even our postmodern royals cannot resist the lure of calling Full House.

Bingo is indeed making a mighty comeback on our high streets, as it is online. A quick scout around the web uncovers a rather sinister number of bingo dedicated sites, some of which have excellent RSS feeds for the intrepid Bingo Addict.

WebTwitcher is now off to uncover which the best sites are (and hopefully win her fortune in the meantime), so until then, if you fancy getting up to speed on bingo lingo before taking your first steps into the revered local bingo hall, you may want to pay a visit to Express Bingo's simple bingo lingo reference guide. Way to go Wills!


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