What to do with a binary converter?

Most people are familiar with the traditional decimal numbering system of 1 to 10. We all use it on an everyday basis. But in the world of computer programming, the binary system, 0 to 1, is all-important. Working between these two systems, and several others, is where a binary converter comes into play.

How binary works

Before considering what a binary converter actually does, it’s worthwhile examining the binary system itself. Also known as a base-2 numbering system, binary only uses two symbols, 0 and 2. Where these are positioned is crucial. Unlike other types of number notation, such as Roman numerals or decimals, binary uses the same number for the different scales of size – the ones, tens or hundreds places.

Where this has come into particular prominence is in the world of computer programming. Much of the complex programs which drive computers – and this covers everything from PCs to your mobile phone – can be drilled down to a series of yes/no statements. These are also known as logic gates. Put in simple terms, this is where a program follows a logical path until it reaches a point where it can either do this under certain circumstances, or do that.The program can then fork off into different directions, creating ever more complex instructions to be followed.

The simplicity of the binary system means it is tailor-made to be implemented in everything from electronic gadgetry to the complex java code programs driving any smart phone. The simplicity of binary as a computer language also means that it is easy to translate into Decimal or any other numbering sequence by using a binary converter.

Using a binary converter

There is a wide variety of binary converters available online. Sometimes programs need to involve decimals. There are binary converters which can be built into a program. For basic conversion, simply key ‘binary converter’ into your search engine and you’ll see a variety of resources for doing it at the click of your mouse.

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