You've got to love executives. They go on endless media training courses and learn to talk to the press without saying anything remotely interesting. Then every now and then they go off-topic and boom! - they've said something they shouldn't.

A case in point is Sony's (welsh) CEO, Howard Stringer. The big man at the big electronics company was sitting down with a couple of American tech journalists and shooting the breeze, and ventured onto the topic of the effect of the recent earthquake/tsunami/near-nuclear-apocalypse on Japanese companies. Stringer admitted that Sony's own temporary factory shutdown in the wake of the disaster had delayed shipments of some cameras they were supplying to.... Apple.

Now, the cameras in the iPhone 4 are made by OmniVision, not Sony. Which makes a lot of people think that Sony must be referring to the camera for a future product. Like... the iPhone 5. That would most likely mean Apple's upgrading to an 8-megapixel camera, which would let it keep up to date with the latest smartphones from rivals.

And if the camera's been delayed... and if until last week everyone was expecting the iPhone 5 to be launched in June, but now we know it won't be... it's not hard to put two and two together.

Of course, it might not be that; maybe Sony's making the camera for that hole we just spotted in the new iPod Nano (see previous story). But it does seem very feasible, given how much of a surprise that apparent delay in the iPhone 5 was, that it's somehow tsunami-related. Insert inappropriate 'another innocent victim' remark here.

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