We search for the biggest USB memory key on the market today

It's not all that long ago when USB keys were seen as something of an expensive novelty. These days however they are an essential part of life. Everyone from businessmen to students needs one to keep their data close to hand, especially if they find themselves working on a variety of different computers throughout the day.

The beauty of USB memory keys is the fact that they have grown to a sufficiently large state that you can comfortably use them to store most of your personal files. From music to video to important work documents, you'll always have the files you need about your person at all times.

However what happens if a regular 4GB stick isn't big enough? If your work involves lots of different software, or you need to carry around large files such as high resolution images, audio files or high definition video, then you'll find that regular sized drives get filled up in no time. In this case, you need to find the biggest USB memory keys available, or face the prospect of carrying multiple keys around with you which increases the risk of losing valuable data.

There is a solution out there for you, assuming you've got money to spend. Kingston, who are a highly respected name in the portable memory industry, currently offer a stunning 256GB USB memory key. Named the Kingston DataTaveler 310 USB Flash Drive, it is the largest capacity USB memory key on the market today.

It boasts lightening fast transfer speeds of up to 12MB/sec and read speeds of 25MB/sec. Despite what you may think, it's the same size as regular drives, with measurements of 73.7 x 22.2 x 16.1 mm.

Unfortunately, this kind of technology comes at a cost. A single 256GB DataTraveler 310 will set you back as much as £500 - if you can find one. Because of their cost, they are tricky to come across since there isn't a huge consumer market for sticks with that kind of capacity yet.

It's definitely a good sign for the future though, and it won't be too long before huge USB drives like this are commonplace.

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